About Me

Hamed Yousefi was born on February 14th, 1990 in Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran who is one of the international music producer, composer, guitarist, pianist, singer and the leader of HY WORLD SOUNDTRACK TEAM . He began his work at first by playing guitar and singing since 2003. After four years he worked as a guitar player in music studios. Also, he has been producing and composing in some various styles such as Soundtracks, Film music, Pop, Jazz, Pop-Rock, and Country in his music studio since 2010.  Furthermore, He completed his theory and harmony courses In 2012, and received some various music certificates from the ministry of culture of Iran. During this years, he started to work on  his first Pop album which called Entekhab. 

Hamed yousefi Also released some pop single Tracks during these days including ” Humanity “, ” Game of Thrones ” , ” Annabel ” , ” Endless ” , “Negah” , “Negaranetam“, “Entekhab“, “Tanhaei“, and so on. In addition, He began his international activities by collaboration with many of singers from different countries like Brazil, Russia, Australia, England, United states, Spain, and so on.

His interest to film music and soundtrack, and producing some amazing soundtracks as well, result in  collaboration with Hollywood music in media for Game of Thrones and receiving certificate from Hollywood film Industry. 

In 2019 , he was invited to attend world soundtrack award competition as the first Iranian composer. Hamed also created ” HY world soundtrack team ” in june 8th, 2020 in which there are many professional musicians from different countries.

This is his interview with our news pieces, an american news media:  

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